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Movies about Computer Hackers:

14 movies, sorted by rating.

23 (1998)

Genre: Thriller, Drama
About: Computers, Hackers

WarGames (1983)

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
About: Computers, Video Games

Sneakers (1992)

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
About: Hackers, Computers

TRON (1982)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
About: Video Games, Computers

Foolproof (2003)

Genre: Action, Thriller
About: Heists, Hackers

Enigma (2001)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
About: Geniuses, Hackers

Swordfish (2001)

Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime
About: Computers, Hackers

Take Down (1992)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
About: Hackers, Computers

Kevin Mitnick is quite possibly the best hacker in the world. Hunting for more and more information, seeking more and more cyber-trophies every day, he constantly looks for bigger challenges. When he breaks into the computer of a security expert and an ex-hacker, he finds one - and much more than that...