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Movies about Food:

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Ratatouille (2007)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
About: Food, Resturants

Food, Inc. (2008)

Genre: Documentary
About: Food , Farms

Tampopo (1986)

Genre: Comedy
About: Food, Japan

Babette’s Feast (1987)

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance
About: Food, Winning the lottery

Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
About: Food, Families

Chocolat (2000)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
About: Food, The 60s

Mostly Martha (2001)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
About: Food, Parenting

Pressure Cooker (2008)

Genre: Documentary
About: Food, Education

An uplifting documentary of inner-city kids competing for scholarships to culinary colleges. The wonderful characters, starting with their teacher, a sort of drill sergeant with a heart. The kind of teacher every kid needs – one who isn't afraid to be tough as nails, but underneath is flowing over with love for 'her kids'. She's quirky, odd, unpredictable, and you can see that her students adore her. The students too are a fascinating bunch, from the huge football player who really puts his all into his cooking, to the recent immigrant from a poverty stricken village in Africa who sees America as a land of opportunity in a way very few of us born here can. A lovely film with a sense of humor and a great message.